The tree covers the period 1749 (the birth of John White) to 1889 (the marriage of Alfred Theyers and Elizabeth White, paternal grandparents of John Theyers.

The convention b = baptism, B = birth, s = burial, d = death, m = marriage is used throughout.
The abbreviation S'b is used for Slimbridge.
C is used for census entries followed by the year e.g. C:1841 The place will be Slimbridge unless otherwise indicated.
Legal paragraph numbering is used to number children
1 JOHN son of George White junior, b.19.7.1749 S'b s.22.10.1843 S'b "aged 104" C:1841 age given as 95, Agricultural Labourer
m. 26.4.1773 S'b ELIZABETH BENDAL b.7.5.1747 S'b d/o Giles Bendal s.13.7.1820 S'b

        1.1 William b.7.4.1774 S'b
        1.2 John b.26.11.1775 S'b m. 3.1.1790 S'b Esther Rickets s.10.5.1826 S'b

                1.2.1 Mary b.25.4.1790 S'b 1.2.2 Susannah b.1.1.1793 S'b s.23.1.1803 S'b 1.2.3 George b.2.10.1796 S'b

        1.3 SAMUEL b.26.11.1777 S'b s.7.2.1836 S'b m. 9.5.1802 Cam SUSANNAH LONGSTREET b.21.1.1776 S'b
        d/o Richard  &  Hannah Longstreet s.15.12.1854 S'b C:1841

                1.3.1 William b.5.6.1803 S'b C:1841,51,61,71,81 Ag.Lab.& Grocer at Cambridge (Slimbridge parish), Glos
                [Pigots 1842]  m. Betty C:1851,61,71,81,91 B.S'b

           William B.c.1845 S'b C:1851,61,81,91 Tiler,Plasterer,Painter & Grocer,
                    Cambridge (Slimbridge parish), Glos  [Pigots 1879,97]  m. Elizabeth B.St.Giles, Devon C:1881,91

               Harry J. B.c.1876 S'b C:1881,91
               Ives J. B.c.1878 S'b C:181,91
               Minnie M. M. B.1880 S'b C:1881,91
               William W. A. B.c.1883 S'b C:1891
               Edgar B.c.1876 S'b C:1891

           Harriet B.c.1847 S'b C:1851
           Margaret B.c.1850 S'b C:1851,61,91 Cook
           James B.c.1852 S'b C:1861,81,91 Carter/Vanman Barton St. Gloucester

                    m.I Eliza B.Sleaford, Lincs C:1881

                    m.II Sarah Ann Long B.Gloucester C:1891

               Raymond James B.c.1888 Gloucester
                1.3.2 GEORGE b.12.8.1804 S'b s.9.6.1889 S'b C:1841,51,61,71,81 Agricultural Labourer in all census entries
                but given as "Yeoman" by wife Hester at birth of Charles

                m.I 23.2.1830 S'b Esther Tudor s.29.5.1845 S'b C:1841

                widower, m.II 14.9.1845 S'b HESTER BRAZINGTON s.20.6.1893 S'b C:1851,61,71,81,91

           CHARLES Birth Certificate:8.12.1846 S'b s.5.5.1910 S'b
                    C:1851,61,71,81,91,01 S'b  Ag.Lab (C:1861,71,91,1901) Railway Porter (PR 1876) Baker's Labourer (C: 1881)
                    m. 12.4.1867 Marriage Certificate S'b
                    MARY BARRINGTON b.20.3.1843 Nettleton, Wilts s.12.9.1936 (Family Bible) C:1851,71,81,91,1901 S'b

               Belinda B.31.7.1867 b.3.11.1867 S'b s.4.5.1870 Sb
               Charles Ernest B.26.5.1869 Family Bible b.12.9.1869 S'b C:1871,81 m. ____________
                        moved to Cheltenham, Carrier, based at the railway station (See Kelly's Directory of Cheltenham 1925 & 1927)
               ELIZABETH Birth Certificate+Family Bible 20.6.1871 b.3.9.1871 S'b d.12.3.1954  C:81,91
                        m. 29.10.1889 S'b+Marriage Certificate ALFRED THEYERS, Smallholder B.7.5.1869 S'b s.24.3.1942 S'b
                        (Paternal grandparents of JOHN  THEYERS)
               Frank b.25.12.1873 S'b s.6.9.1875 S'b
               Emma B.1.12.1875 Family Bible b.5.6.1876 S'b d 20.7.1966 Family Bible C:'81
                        m. 23.12.1922 S'b Arthur Henry Taylor, Spindle Machinist
               Esther Ann (Annie) B.10.12.1877 Family Bible b.15.6.1879 Cam C:1881
                        m. Fred Peacey;  moved to Charlton Kings, Cheltenham
               Alice b.14.2.1883 Cam

           Thomas B.c.1849 S'b C:1851,61 Labourer m. 17.7.1873 S'b Mary Ann Pittoway

               Edward Thomas B.24.6.1874 b.2.8.1874 S'b

           Emma B.c.1852 S'b C:1861
           Esther B.c.1853 S'b C:1861,71 m.8.6.1873 S'b George Bennett, Carpenter
           John Brazington B.c.1857 S'b b.3.7.1870 S'b C:1861,71,81 Sawyer of Cam/Wickwar
                    m. 13.10.1878 S'b Sarah Elizabeth Ball C:1881

               Alexander b.7.3.1880 Cam C:1881
               Francis John b.1.1.1882 Cam

           Ann Edith Brazington B.c.1860 S'b b.6.3.1864 S'b C:1861,71
           Mary Ann B.c.1862 S'b b.3.7.1870 S'b C:1871 m.13.6.1880 S'b Henry Gardener, Labourer of Tuffley
           Henry (bapt. Henry George) B.c.1865 b.3.7.1870 S'b s.5.8.1875 S'b C:1871
           George B.18.3.1869 b.16.4.1870 S'b s.21.3.1870 S'b

                1.3.3 Hannah b.22.2.1807 S'b
                1.3.4 James b.28.10.1810 S'b s.7.7.1872 S'b C:1841,51,61,71 Labourer m. 8.5.1838 S'b Mary Clark C:1841,51,61,71

           Elizabeth b.29.6.1839 S'b C:1841,51,61 s.14.7.1861 S'b
           William b.28.3.1841 S'b C:1841,51,61,71,81,91 Agricultural Labourer of North Nibley
                    m. Julia Emma B.Birmingham C:1871,81,91

               Sarah Sheppard B.c.1865 b.11.7.1867 S'b s.18.7.1867 S'b
               Agnes Elizabeth B.19.7.1868 b.26.5.1870 S'b C:1871,81,91
               George B.13.9.1869 b.26.5.1870 S'b C:1871,81
               Fred B.c.1873 Coaley C:1881,91 Baker's Assistant
               Roger B.c.1876 Coaley C:1881,91
               Raymond B.c.1878 Berkeley C:1881,91

           George b.1.1.1843 S'b 1851,61
           Mary Ann b.25.12.1844 S'b C:1851,61 m.17.8.1868 S'b Joseph Savage, Cattle Dealer
           James b.23.5.1847 S'b C:1861,81 Gamekeeper, Moreton Valence, 91 Cowman  Moreton Valence
                    m. Mary J./Mary Ann C:1881,91

               William B.11.12.1868 b.21.2.1869 S'b C:1881 Moreton Valence
               Edith B.c.1871 Moreton Valence C:1881
               George B.c.1873 Moreton Valence C:1881,91 Carter
               Louisa B.c.1875 Moreton Valence C:1881
               Frank Albert B.c.1877 Moreton Valence C:1881,91 Carter's Boy
               Elizabeth B.c.1879 Moreton Valence C:1881,91
               Emily Kate B.c.1880 Moreton Valence C:1881,91
               Charlie Burnett B.c.1884 Moreton Valence C:1891
               Edward B.c.1885 Moreton Valence C:1891
               Arthur B.c.1887 Moreton Valence C:1891
               Tom B.c.1889 Moreton Valence C:1891

           Henry b.21.10.1849 S'b C:1851,61,71 Agricultural Labourer s.4.2.1876 S'b
           Margaret B.c.1852 b.8.4.1855 S'b C:1861,81 Servant at North Nibley
           Thomas b.8.4.1855 S'b C:1861,71 Agricultural Labourer
           Robert b.7.2.1858 S'b C:1861,71 Agricultural Labourer s.14.10.1875 S'b
           Edward B.27.6.1861 b.26.5.1870 S'b C:1871

        1.4 Mary b.16.1.1780 S'b s.29.6.1796 S'b
        1.5 William b.13.4.1783 S'b s.30.11.1852 S'b C:1841,51 Agricultural Labourer
        m. 18.4.1808 S'b Ann or Nancy Young s.7.10.1830 S'b
                1.5.1 John b.14.5.1809 S'b
                1.5.2 William b.14.4.1811 S'b C:1841,51,61,71,81 Nailor/Labourer m. 17.10.1838 Cam Hester Saniger
                s.9.7.1895 S'b C: 1841,51,61,71,81

           Mary b.3.2.1839 Cam C:1841,51 Servant at Tumpy Green, Slimbridge m.28.2.1858 Cam Daniel Till, Labourer
           Ann B.c.1842 S'b b.25.3.1845 S'b C:1851
           Charlotte b.25.3.1845 S'b C:1851,61
           Elizabeth b.27.5.1849 S'b C:1851 m.17.11.1875 S'b George Day, Labourer
           Keturah b.31.10.1852 S'b C:1861
           Edward b.24.6.1855 S'b C:1861,71,81 Police Constable at Lydney m. Sophea B.Newnham C:1881

               Mabel Louise B.c.1880 Lydney C:1881
               Francis Edward B.1881 Lydney C:1881

           Fanny b.13.6.1858 S'b C:1861

                1.5.3 Nathaniel b.20.3.1814 S'b C:1841,51,81 Labourer/Runner/Lodge Keeper at Frampton on Severn
                m. 8.10.1839 S'b Louisa Brown C:1841,51,81

           Charles b.29.11.1840 S'b C:1841,51
           Ann Elisabeth b.7.8.1842 S'b C:1851
           Thomas b.1.9.1844 S'b C:1851,81,91 Gardener at Fretherne m. Charlotte B.Chiltern, Wilts C:1881,91

               Elizabeth A. B.c.1873 Fretherne C:1881,91
               Dora L. B.c.1877 Fretherne C: 1881
               Amy C. [or Ann??] B.c.1879 C:1881,91

           John b.21.2.1847 S'b C:1851

                1.5.4 Mary b.5.5.1816 S'b
                1.5.5 Charlotte b.20.9.1818 S'b

           Ann b.27.2.1838 S'b

                1.5.6 Hannah b.11.2.1821 S'b m.3.2.1845 S'b Samuel Hieron, Labourer
                1.5.7 Sarah b.22.12.1822 S'b
                1.5.8 Ann b.2.4.1825 S'b
                1.5.9 Joshua/James b.2.12.1827 S'b C:1841,81 Sawyer at Awre m. Jane B.Whitecroft C:1881

           Clara M. B.c.1871 Blakeney C:1881
           Mary E. B.c.1874 Blakeney C:1881

        1.6 Elizabeth b.22.9.1793 S'b m.2.9.1824 S'b Thomas Packer