The Descendants of William Theyer (B c1690 D 1757) of Coaley


1. Although we have a great deal of information relating to the 20th century Theyers family in Gloucestershire, Yorkshire, New Zealand and Canada, we did not think it would be appropriate to publish this on the internet.

2. We have yet to find anyone worldwide carrying the name with the precise spelling T-H-E-Y-E-R-S who is not a descendant of William Theyer. However the converse is not true and some descendants of William Theyer (notably the Hereford branch of the family) do use different spellings.

3. We have used the convention B = born b = baptised s = buried d = death throughout. (C) after a date, eg 1851(C), indicates information from a census. Successive generations are indicated by indentation and change of colour. Legal paragraph numbering is used to number children, e.g. the entry 3.2 HANNAH b 6 April 1778 Cam indicates that Hannah is the second child of  "3. William baptised 17 December 1726 Cam"  who was the third child of William Theyer born c1690, and that she was baptised on 6 April 1778 in Cam.

WILLIAM THEYER  B c1690 s.22 March 1757 Coaley
m.I to SARAH s.12 May 1731 Coaley       m.II 1732 Cam to Elizabeth Boye of Slimbridge s.1739/40 Coaley - no record of children
                                                                m.III 1741 Coaley to Elizabeth Foords s.1743 Coaley - no record of children
                                                                m.IV 1749 Coaley to Mary Nelms s.1753 Coaley - no record of children
                                                                m.V 1753 Coaley to Mary Griffin s.1767 Coaley - no record of children

1 SARAH b.25 February 1715/6 Coaley m.19 March 1743/44 Coaley JOHN COCKS of Holt, Worcs.
2 JANE b.7 April 1723 Coaley
3 WILLIAM b.17 December 1726 Coaley s. 2 January 1791 Cam, "alms receiver"
m.I 10 August 1752 Coaley to SARAH HOCFORD s.1 August 1773 Cam

    3.1 SARAH b.24 June 1753 Cam m. 7 November 1775 Cam GEORGE HULINGS

m.II 2 July 1777 Cam to ANNA/HANNAH CROWS, widow of Miles Crows, b 28 June 1752 Coaley, nee HORRELL. After  William's death in   
January 1791, Hannah married Moses Fream, widower, on 27 October, the same year, in Cam. After Moses death in 1801 she married for a fourth
time, to Joseph King, on 12 April 1804. After Hannah's death, Joseph married Sarah Ludlow, spinster, in Cam on 10 August 1827. 
Witness was his stepson William Theyers (3.5) 

    3.2 HANNAH b.6 April 1778 Cam m.12 October 1817 Cam JOHN BARNFIELD
    3.3 HERBERT b.22 April 1781 Cam s.13 December 1812 Cam
    m.12 October 1803 Saul to NANCY/ANN MILLARD s.2 September 1817 Cam

        3.3.1 HANNAH b.4 May 1804 Cam s.1 September 1816 Cam
        3.3.2 HERBERT b.30 March 1806 Cam described as an agricultural labourer in every census from 1841 age 35 to 1891 age 85 when he
        was apparently still working. He had nine children from his first marriage to Hannah Nicholls between 1827 and 1850 and a further three
        children from his second marriage, to Lavinia  Workman, twenty years later, between 1872 and 1880. He was 74 when his last child was born.     
        s.19 August 1894 Slimbridge

        m.I 27 May 1827 Cam to HANNAH NICHOLLS s. 30 March 1870 Cam

   DANIEL b.19 August 1827 Cam In 1841(C)  Daniel THAYER agricultural labourer age 14 staying  with maternal grandparents
         Thomas and Hannah Nicholls, in Cam.  In 1850 Daniel THAYERS (father Herbert THAYERS) on marriage at St Weonards, Hereford
            In 1855 Daniel THEIRS victim of theft at Whitchurch,  Hereford.  In 1861(C) St Weonards Daniel THAIR labourer, age 34, born Gloucestershire
            On 6 December 1862 at St Weonards, on his death certificate: DAVID (sic) THEYERS farm bailiff age 35 Cause of death "accidental injuries
         received from cow"   m. 1850 St Weonards, Hereford EMILY JENKINS B c1831 St Weonards,  frock maker. In 1866, Emily, a widow , is in
         receipt of "outdoor poor relief" for herself and one child (presumably James)  for six months at St Weonards.
       HENRY B.1850 Lan?anen s.1853 St.Weonards
       EDWIN B.1852 St.Weonards  m. 1875 Kilpeck, Herefordshire EMMA MILES

               EMILY B.1879 St Weonards
               HENRY B.1881 St.Weonards
               EDWIN W. B.1883 St.Weonards
               ALBERT B.1885 St.Weonards
               MARY E. B.1889 St.Weonards

       DANIEL B.1855 & s.1860 St.Weonards
       EDITH B.1857 & s.1859 St.Weonards
       JAMES b.1859 St Weonards s.1943 Ross on Wye m.1887 Llandewi Fach, Radnor JANE PRICE s.1950

               ALICE R. B.1889
               ALBERT HENRY b.1892 St Weonards s.1951 Bramfield, Suffolk
                        m. 1929 Stratton St Michael, Suffolk
       HARRIET MARIA B.1862 & s.1864 St.Weonards

   ALICE b.27 December 1829 Cam m. HENRY THEYERS 3 November 1863 Slimbridge (see 3.5.4 (mII) below)
        1861(C)  Domestic Servant age 31 Gossington Hall. 1901(C) Cross Roads Slimbridge age 71.
            Illegitimate children:

       MARY b.2 October 1850 Slimbridge, 1871(C)  Domestic Servant age 20 at Upthorpe Farm ,
                m.11 April 1876 Cam JOHN SMART farmer
       ELIZABETH b.1850 Slimbridge s.1850 Slimbridge

   ANN b.10 March 1833 Cam s.13 December 1837 Cam
   HERBERT b.6 December 1835 Cam agricultural labourer 1851(C) -1871(C).  Sub-postmaster age 55 1881(C)  s.12 March 1893
            Slimbridge  m  5 July 1864 Slimbridge ELEANOR LESTER B c1837 Falfield  1901(C) Postmistress age 57 s.2 February 1904 Slimbridge

       DANIEL HENRY b.6 August 1865 Slimbridge 1901(C) agricultural labourer age 35 Slimbridge s.1947 Slimbridge
       HERBERT THOMAS b.7 April 1867 Slimbridge 1901(C) agricultural labourer age 34 Slimbridge s.1943 Slimbridge
       MARY JANE b.1 August 1869 Slimbridge m. 26 December 1894 Slimbridge EDWARD JAMES KINGSCOTE groom
       HANNAH KATE b. 30 March 1873 Slimbridge, 1891(C): post office asst age 18
                m.25 May 1899 Slimbridge HENRY JAMES PERRETT bridge keeper
       EDWARD JOHN b. 4 June 1876 Slimbridge 1901(C) postman age 25 1902 cloth worker  s.13 May 1957 Slimbridge
                m.21 May 1902 Slimbridge ANNIE CARTER s. 29 August 1957 Slimbridge

           HERBERT JOHN DANIEL b.15 October 1905 Slimbridge s.13 May 1977 Slimbridge

       ANNIE ADA b.12 November 1879 Slimbridge 1901(C) telegraphist age 21 m.3 January 1919 Slimbridge JAMES MURPHY
       ERNEST ALBERT B.1882 Slimbridge s.8 November 1892 Slimbridge

   ANN B.c1838 Cam 1851(C)  Nursemaid Gossington Hall, Slimbridge age 13 m.1857 Dursley area
   HANNAH B.c1840 Cam  1871(C) Domestic Servant Gossington Hall Slimbridge age 29 m.1881 Westbury on Severn area
   SARAH B.c1844 Cam s.3 October 1857 Slimbridge
   EDWARD B.1846 Cam 1901(C) Farm Labourer  Troytown s.1936 Slimbridge
            m.1872 Slimbridge HARRIET SCREEN 1901(C) Troytown s.1907 Slimbridge

       SARAH ANN b.1 June 1873 m. Dec quarter 1891 Stroud area
       EDITH b.3 January 1875 Slimbridge s.23 January 1883 Slimbridge
       WILLIAM B. January quarter 1876 Slimbridge 1891(C)  agricultural labourer age 14, private, HAMT, "age 39" 1916
                m JESSIE EMMA ROSS age 30 nurse of Fishponds Bristol at St Mary's Church Fishponds 13 September 1916
       HANNAH B.16 December 1878 b.17 November 1880 Slimbridge
       MAUDE b .7 November 1880 Slimbridge

       FLORENCE B. 6 April 1883 b.16 December 1884 Slimbridge s. 1958 Slimbridge
   FANNY B 8 May 1885 b 23 April 1889 Slimbridge.
       GERTRUDE B. July quarter 1887 Slimbridge 1901(C) age 13 Troytown
       MARGARET B. 24 April 1891 b.23 April 1899 Slimbridge 1901(C) age 9 Troytown m. CHARLES FRYER 
       EDWARD ERNEST B. August 1893 b.23 April 1899 Slimbridge 1901(C) age 7 Troytown s. 17 January 1970 Slimbridge
   THOMAS HENRY B.31 August 1898 b.3 January 1899 Slimbridge s. 10 February 1899 Slimbridge

   HENRY b.27 October 1850 Slimbridge s.4 May 1920 Berkeley m. 6 November 1879 St Mary de Lode, Gloucester CAROLINE
            ENGLAND b c1855 North Nibley s 3 September 1920 Berkeley

       GEORGE HENRY b.1880 Slimbridge s.1950 Canada m. 1903 Berkeley ALICE RHODA ELIZABETH RIDLEY
            Emigrated to Canada

           LEONARD RIDLEY THEYERS B.1904 & s.1965 Canada m. LINDA MAUD RISDALE Canada

      MARGARET B.21 November 1881 & b.5 March 1882 Slimbridge s.1974
               m. 5 December 1903 Berkeley CHARLES WILLIAM OAKLEY
      WILLIE B.1882 b.1883 Slimbridge, 1920 railway guard, Derby s.1978 Sutton-on-Sea, Lincs.
                                   m.I 1909 Nottingham ADA ELIZABETH ASTILL s.1947
                                   m.II 1952 Spondon, Derbys. HENRIETTA MORLEY s.1954 Derby
                                   m.III 1957 Derby FLORENCE LILLIAN WHARTON s.1973
      ALBERT EDWARD b.8 August 1886 Slimbridge s.1969 Northwich, Cheshire m.1914 MARY HELEN WHITE s.1980

        m.II 12 December 1871 Gloucester to LAVINIA WORKMAN B c1840 Slimbridge 1901(C) widow age 60, laundress Kingston
        s  26 March 1923 Slimbridge

   CHARLES ERNEST B.1872 b.1872 Slimbridge m. ELIZABETH JANE
       EMILY b.7 October 1894 Slimbridge
       KATE ELIZABETH B.21 August 1895 b.8 January 1899 Slimbridge

   HELENA ELLEN  b.7 June 1874 Slimbridge
   MARY ELIZABETH laundress b.25 July 1880 Slimbridge 1901(C) spinster age 20 Kingston
            m. 8 October 1904 Slimbridge ISAAC ERNEST COSTER labourer

       GEORGE EDWARD b .6 July 1902 Slimbridge

        3.3.3 WILLIAM b.5 June1808 Cam, 1841(C)  agricultural labourer Boulton Lane Dursley s.9 March1845 Dursley
       m.31 August 1830 Cam HARRIET TILEY B c1809 s 5 March 1872 (mii 11 July 1853 Dursley John Ridley publican
        of Cross Keys Inn, Union St) 
                                                                   Union St & Boulton Cross Dursley pre-1900
   < Left William Theyers outside his store in Alexandra c1905. For further details click on photograph
 WILLIAM b.26 December 1830 Cam.  Emigrated to Australia from Liverpool to Melbourne on the Symonds in September 1858
          and worked on the Ballaarat goldfields in Victoria before going on to the Dunstan gold rush in Otago New Zealand
          d Alexandra  Otago 17 January 1917.  Storekeeper & Mayor of Alexandra Otago
           m. MARGARET WHITE B.1836 Riccarton, Ayrshire s.1914 Alexandra, NZ

       WILLIAM ALEXANDRA B.1867 Alexandra s.1945 Howick NZ
       JOHN CHARLES B.1869 Alexandra s.1942 Dunedin, New Zealand m.1898 Cromwell, NZ ANNE JEMIMA ELLIOT B.1877 s.1908

           HELEN MARGARET B.1899 & s.1903 Alexandra NZ
           WILLIAM JAMES B.1900 Alexandra s.1983 Blenheim, New Zealand m. JESSIE CARTER s.1986 New Zealand
           JOHN CHARLES B.1902 s.1983 Christchurch, New Zealand m. LAURA SAUNDERS
           DAVID HENRY B.1904 Athol, New Zealand s.1972 Dunedin, New Zealand
                    m. 1931 Palmerston, New Zealand MARY  MARGARET OLIVE ELLISON B.1906 s.1971 Dunedin, New Zealand
           ALEXANDER WALTER B.1906 s.1942

       GEORGE B.1870 Alexandra s.1871 Dunedin, New Zealand
       GEORGE HENRY B.1871 Alexandra s.1894 Dunedin, New Zealand
       MAGGIE B.1873 & s.1875 Alexandra, New Zealand
       HARRIET B.1874 Alexandra s.1944 Auckland, New Zealand
       JAMES TILEY B.1878 Missing in Queensland, Australia in 1920
       DAVID B.1880 Alexandra s.1971 Auckland, New Zealand m. SYBIL

   HENRY b.17 March 1833 Cam, agricultural labourer age 17 in November 1850, when he stole 2 pecks of apples and was sentenced to 
            three months hard labour at Gloucester quarter sessions; labourer age 19 in  January 1853, when he stole a hat and waistcoat and was
         sentenced to a further two months hard labour. Joined the army and died in Gloucester in 1871 "a former soldier" 
   GEORGE b.6 September 1835 Cam, agricultural labourer age 16 living at home in Dursley in 1851(C). Emigrated to Australia to join
            elder brother William on Ballaarat goldfields and then went on to New Zealand with him 1861-2 
            s. New Zealand m. FLORA McINTYRE in New Zealand

       CHARLES B.1877 Maori Creek, West Coast, New Zealand d .27 May 1965 Dunedin, s 29 May 1965 Alexandra, Otago NZ
                m. 1904 Dunedin FLORENCE JANE  CHURSTAIN b.1882 Nevis, Central Otago s.1953 Alexandra, Otago, New Zealand

           MARY B.1905 Otago s. 1987 m. TED CROW
           GEORGE CHARLES B.1906 s.1908
           CHARLES JAMES B.1907 Otago s.1968
               and 6 children born after 1907

    EDMUND (later known as EDWARD) B.c1838 Cam, errand boy at a local school age 13 in 1851(C).  Emigrated to Australia
            with brother George and joined  William on Ballaarat goldfields. Stayed on in Australia when the other brothers moved on to New Zealand
            s. Australia  Descendants in Australia today.           
  HARRIET b.6 January 1841 Cam, housemaid age 20 in 1861(C)  m. 30 June 1864  Dursley HENRY FRENCH house painter and
            plumber.  Henry French took over the licence of the Cross Keys Inn, Union Street in 1874 from his stepfather John Ridley and remained
         there until his death, aged 42.  s 24 December 1883 Dursley.

   CHARLES b.29 October 1843 Dursley, agricultural labourer age 17 1861(C), labourer living at Cross Keys Inn, Dursley 1871(C),             
            Licensee and tenant of the Lamb Inn Long Street, Dursley from 8 November 1880 until 21 September 1883 when he was convicted for selling
            beer outside licensing hours on a Sunday; fined 7s 4d with 12s 8d costs and immediately gave notice. In September 1887 he fell 32 feet from
            scaffolding at Cam Mills and was admitted to Gloucester Infirmary with a severely dislocated thigh (he subsequently walked with a stick)
            Bricklayer's labourer living at Fortfields Dursley in 1891(C) and 1901(C); he then became a drayman at Elvey's Brewery, Dursley.
            Register of Electors 1909 dwelling house, Fortfields Dursley s 29 January 1916 Dursley.
  :          m. ELIZABETH WEBB 23 December 1875 Dursley 1901(C) age 48 Fortfields Dursley WALTER CHARLES b. 18 August & d 21 August 1883 EMILY HARRIET ANNIE B.1885 1901(C) age 17 housemaid to Dr and Mrs Brewis, Woodmancote Dursley, age 22 spinster
m ALBERT ATKINS, machine moulder, age 28, of Woodmancote 1 October 1906, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Dursley LILIAN B.1886 1901(C) age 16 woollen spinner Fortfields Dursley, age 21 spinster woollen spinner
m CHARLES FLOWER HANNEY, journeyman wheelwright, age 21, of Fortfields 27 May 1906, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Dursley MABEL FRANCES B.1889 FLORENCE LAURA B.1891 1901(C) age 10 Fortfields Dursley, age 29, spinster, weaver
m WILLIAM THOMAS NELMES age 27 carpenter's labourer of Slimbridge 7 March 1920, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Dursley WILLIAM B.1894 1901(C) age 7 Fortfields Dursley

       [  WALTER baseborn son of Harriet Theyers, widow, b 28 October 1849 Dursley,
            with mother Dursley 1851(C),  with mother and stepfather John Ridley 1861(C)
            Prison Officer, aged 20 B Dursley, escorting prisoner and lodging at house of police sergeant, Fairford, Glos 1871(C)
            Police Constable, unmarried, B Dursley, aged 30, police barracks, Gloucester 1881(C)]
        3.3.4 MARGARET b. December 1810 Cam
        3.3.5 EDMOND b.27 June 1813 Cam

    3.4 SARAH B. Cam m. 7 December 1820 Cam JOSEPH STEPHENS
    3.5 WILLIAM b.26 September 1790 Cam 1841(C)  age 50 weaver Cam, 1851(C) age 60 weaver Uley  s .5 November 1859 Cam
    m 28 August 1814 Cam ELIZABETH COOPEY b 18 February 1790 Cam, 1871(C)  age 81 widow Cam

Early 19th century weavers' cottages Rowley Cam

       3.5.1 HUMPHREY COOPEY THEYERS b. 26 December 1812 Cam (illegitimate) m. 6 December 1841 Gloucester EMMA BRUTON
        Children registered as COOPEY
        3.5.2 SARAH b.11 June 1815 Cam, 1841(C)  age 25 burler at cloth factory  m. pre- June 1841 CHARLES COBB weaver
        3.5.3 HANNAH b. 3 February 1818 Cam m.28 January 1839 Cam to THOMAS COX
        3.5.4 HENRY b.22 May 1820 Cam agricultural labourer  1901(C) "living on own means" age 80 Cross Roads Slimbridge
        mI. 2 November 1845 Slimbridge SARAH HURD b c1826 Slimbridge s 29 November 1861 Slimbridge

   WILLIAM B. c1846 Slimbridge, 1861(C)  farm servant Slimbridge 
   EMMA b.21 May 1848 Slimbridge m.1827 Westbury on Severn SAMUEL BULLOCK farmer
   ANNA MARIA b.9 April 1851 Slimbridge m.1877 Stroud area
   ELIZA LOUISE b.1853 Slimbridge, 1871(C)  domestic servant Gossington Hall, 1881(C) dairymaid visiting sister Emma Bullock
            m.1881 Westbury on Severn area
   THOMAS DANIEL b.21 March 1856 Slimbridge s.23 March 1859 Slimbridge
   THOMAS b.4 September 1859 Slimbridge s.31 October 1863 Slimbridge

        mII. 3 November 1863 Slimbridge ALICE THEYERS (see above) b.1829 Cam

   HERBERT EDWARD b.2 October 1864 Slimbridge "railway shunter of Chaddesden Derbyshire" on marriage 1826 s.1925 Derby
            m. 25 December 1886 Cam KATE COX-BALL

       BEATRICE AMY B.l ast quarter 1887 Derby 1891(C) age 3 at the Railway Inn Cam with her maternal grandparents
       ARTHUR B.1890 Derby m.

   HENRY CHARLES b.2 September 1866 Slimbridge, 1881(C) agricultural labourer age 14
   ALFRED b.4 July 1869 Slimbridge 1891(C)  agricultural labourer age 21, 1901(C) agricultural labourer age 31
            Hornshill Villas. Smallholder.  1909 Register of Electors: dwelling house Hornshill; land Broadholm. s .20 March 1942 Slimbridge.
            m.29 October 29 October 1889 Slimbridge ELIZABETH WHITE b 20 June 1871 1901(C) age 29 Hornshill Villas
            s.16 March 1954 Slimbridge

       HENRY CHARLES b.6 September 1891 Slimbridge s.30 March 1892 Slimbridge
       EDITH HELEN b.5 November 1893 Slimbridge 1901(C) age 7 Hornshill Villas s.29 February 1984 Slimbridge
                m. 6 July 1918 Slimbridge PERCY CECIL PEGLER B c1894 Cam 1901(C) age 7 Churchend Slimbridge
       HILDA B.26 February 1895 b.14 October 1900 Slimbridge 1901(C) age 6 Hornshill Villas
                d.24 November 1984 Slimbridge m. WILLIAM NOAD B.c1898 1901(C) age 3 Gossington
       WILFRED B.4 January 1899 Slimbridge s.26 January 1899 Slimbridge
       ALFRED EDGAR B.30 July 1900 b.14 October 1900 Slimbridge 1901(C) age 8mo Hornshill Villas d 30 March 1982 Charlton Kings
                m. 15 May 1942 Dursley GLADYS VERA WHITE b 4 April 1914 d.9 September 1983 Frampton on Severn
                    (parents of John Theyers b 1943 Dursley)
       MARGARET ALICE B.28 April 1903 b.19 July 1903 Slimbridge m. CHARLES PARTRIDGE  s 3 May 1973
       LEWIS EDWARD B.3 February 1909 b.13 June 1909 Slimbridge s. 9 October 1981 Stonehouse m. CHRISTINE

        3.5.5 JANE b. 5 May 1822 Cam 1841(C)  age 19 burler at cloth factory Cam m. 29 November 1841 Cam  JOHN BARNFIELD weaver
        3.5.6 THOMAS b.6 June 1824 Cam 1841(C) age 17 cutter at cloth factory Cam 
        3.5.7 JOHN b.30 September 1827 Cam s .23 February 1828 Cam
        3.5.8 MARY b.23 May 1831 Cam m. 21 May 1848 Cam SAMUEL RUDGE mariner